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Considerations When Working With Vulnerable Groups In Heritage

This toolbox resource has been developed to assist in the planning of projects that are looking to achieve positive wellbeing outcomes.

This resource has been produced by BGH in order to freely pass on the knowledge that we have obtained working with vulnerable members of society on heritage based projects. This is by no means a complete guide on how to deliver a successful project, instead it is a supplementary document to aid with the planning of your own project.


The approaches that we suggest, have been formally evaluated and published in the Antiquity Journal, Everill, P., Bennett, R., & Burnell, K. (2020). Dig in: An evaluation of the role of archaeological fieldwork for the improved wellbeing of military veterans. Antiquity, 94(373), 212-227.


We ask that if you are using this toolbox resource, you cite BGH where applicable and let us know. We welcome any additions to this toolbox based on best practice, if you have any additions that you would like to include then please let us know.

Breaking Ground Heritage provide consultancy services and wellbeing training to all types of project. Please contact us for more information 



Included are example documents that we have used/deveolped to capture the basic information that we required.



To develop a successful wellbeing focused project you must consider the following first!



To identify if a project is working and having positive results you need to demonstrate it! 

Ethics and

Codes of Conduct

Essential considerations when working with vulnerable people or dealing with site discipline.