Ex Shallow Grave

Exercise Shallow Grave

A few years ago in a Cotswold field, near Tetbury, a metal-detectorist was about to make a most important discovery.

He had walked over many fields but this one was especially promising – in addition to Roman pottery present on the surface of the arable field and other Roman elements such as coins and brooches, he had soon found items that are considered ‘treasure’ under law that hinted at the Anglo-Saxon activity; a silver gilt sword pommel and buckle. His detection soon yielded the iron shoulders and tang of a sword and he even saw some glass fragments.

These discoveries were immediately reported to the relevant Finds Liaison Officer, Kurt Adams, and the investigations of the site began.

Our field project worked on site to contextualise these discoveries and, in so doing, uncovered one of the most important Anglo-Saxon burials in the area.

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