Completed Projects

Completed Projects

I’ve been with BGH since its inception and have taken so much benefit from it, that when I was offered the chance of passing on what I’d learnt as a mentor I jumped at the opportunity. I accompanied BGH to Bullecourt in France to take part in a search for WW1 British tank remains. Whilst currently unable to partake fully in a physical capacity due to a recent operation, I was more than able to help with the finds processing and recording whilst passing on what I’ve learnt from my previous excavations to the newer members of the team. This was of huge benefit to me as I prepare to attend University to undertake an Archaeology degree with a view to working in the sector in the future. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities and guidance that I continue to receive from BGH, without it, I would not be functioning at the level I currently am.



Being part of the team at Bullecourt was amazing, as someone with a keen interest in History, its real hands on experience and a chance to get more in depth in our History that’s evolved over the years. And actually finding parts of a first war tank and being able to help preserve it for future generation and my own regiments history made is so worthwhile.

Also it was chance to put my own injuries aside and try forget the barriers I have to live with, for which Breaking Ground Heritage as been able to do while taking part in this dig, and also has made me overcome barriers both physically and mentally as well.

Peter Cosgrove

Ex Royal Tank Regiment.

I would highly recommend any project connected with Breaking Ground Heritage, as the whole experience definitely helped with my PTSD/depression. The excavation itself was fascinating with plenty being learnt in a therapeutic atmosphere where I was able to mix with likeminded people in similar circumstances, which I found extra beneficial. From a personal perspective and with huge interest in archaeology and history, it has given me the avenues to pursue this further. Everyone involved were fantastic.


Royal Navy

"BGH provides a unique experience in a supportive environment. You could see the change in some after only a few days. Testament to the power of mutual respect and camaraderie!"

I would like to thank all at breaking ground heritage for a wonderful experience at the Barry Buddon excavation. I was delighted to be given the opportunity to attend and I would not hesitate to recommend this to other veterans. And I am already looking forward to seeing what is coming up next hopefully it's not sandy!