Exercise Celtic Festival II

Exercise Celtic Festival II 
July 2017 and Breaking Ground Heritage alongside Wessex Archaeology took part in Exercise Celtic Festival II, an Operation Nightingale project that set to build upon the knowledge that the past few seasons had provided. Our task this season was to look into last years strip trench between the midden and the ditch and bank to see just what was going on.

We opened up a 20 meter by 20 meter trench to get a better understanding of what last years post holes were indicating was present and we were presently surprised. Over two weeks our veterans and volunteers undertook the task of half sectioning the numerous features within the area to try and determine what they are and what relationship they held with each other. 

As the project progressed we were excited to discover the presence of an Early Iron Age roundhouse, then as in most archaeological digs, just like busses, we found another one. What does this mean? a good question! that is what we intend to find out in the post excavation work that is soon to start.

Along side the features we found large quantities of animal bone, some worked into tools and adornments: plenty of Deverel-Rimbury pottery and of course some human remains. The site also produced a nice coper alloy rivet too. 

As always we had plenty of additional activities going on during the project with prehistoric cookery by Pario Gallico and some great blacksmithing by Ian Thackray. Briony Clifton (National Trust) also came along again to teach the participants how to make tree sculptures using clay. 

The weather held (mostly) and a great time was had by all, we even had the Princes Trust on site for three days providing support to the project that was well received. 

Its over to Wessex Archaeology now for the really hard work of interpreting and cataloging all that we have found. 

A huge thank you to all involved for yet again making this project not just a success, but also a memorable one too. 
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