Breaking Ground Heritage 

Who are Breaking Ground Heritage

Breaking Ground Heritage is a Community Interest Company (C.I.C) created by ex-military personnel, to assist in the recovery of personnel in the service community. 

BGH help facilitate a recovery pathway for injured service personnel and veterans providing a spring board for anyone in the service community, who may be interested in the heritage sector as a potential new career pathway.

All of the Breaking Ground Heritage team have extensive experience in working with injured veterans from a multitude of different conflicts, and with a plethora of injuries, physical/psychological and sometimes both. All of our projects use mentors that have been through the process of leaving the military and have themselves gone through the archaeology recovery pathway. Our mentors come from across the military spectrum and are drawn from all ranks, providing an 'esprit de Corps' and military ethos including the all important 'banter' that helps make these projects both unique and successful. We also recruit from the archaeology community for our projects to ensure that our participants get the best possible training and supervision that is available.

Breaking Ground Heritage is truly unique in what it does. 

What can Breaking Ground Heritage do for you?

Breaking Ground Heritage takes the transferable skills that are embedded into the military community, skills such as reading and interpreting the ground, cheerfulness in adversity and a desire to succeed, building upon these fundamental qualities with a shift of focus to the heritage sector. 

History, archaeology, experimental archaeology, heritage craft skills and project research are just some of the disciplines covered by Breaking Ground Heritage with volunteers able to participate in all or some of the themes that may spark their interests.    

Most participants on this programme have left or are in the process of leaving the military, some with catastrophic life changing injuries and yet have developed successful careers in archaeology and heritage. Others are still on their journey undertaking Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees in Archaeology and History.

The main aim of this project is to provide a conductive and safe learning environment for our participants that can facilitate the challenges and complications service life can bring.

The BGH Team

All of our management team are either former British military Personnel or have been associated with the military, therefore we have a unique insight into the life of service personnel and their families. We understand the demands and strains that service life can entail, especially when looking at an uncertain future. We have been through the medical board process ourselves, most resulting with a medical discharge and hitting the personal lows the can come along with not only loosing a career but a way of life. We ourselves have been given a helping hand through the comradery and support that projects like ours can bring and it is this that motivates BGH to continue to develop projects and training that is best suited to our Marines, Soldiers, Sailors and Air men and women.  
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